Plan for Holiday Season Travel

Join the millions of car owners as they start the pilgrimage of holiday season travel. The staff at Bob Allen looks forward to servicing vehicles for customers preparing for holiday travel. A few precautions will help you have a pleasant drive:

  • If you have small children, take a few games to occupy the time. Children enjoy many handheld devices, and this can make for a memorable traveling experience.
  • The closer the holiday the heavier the traffic. If possible, leave a few days ahead of the rush. The drive will be more leisurely if you can take your time.
  • Highway routes get quite crowded around the holiday time. Consider alternative routes when available.

With the use of GPS and online route planning, finding places to eat and stop is a breeze. During the ride, alternative routes will make the trip even more interesting. Plan for the unexpected, traffic mishaps, exhaustion or boredom, singing is an exciting pastime if you can take it. At any rate, make the ride memorable and fun.

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