What to Consider When Buying Tires

• The type of car you’re driving

• What you use your car for

• Conditions of the road

Tire Types Summer Tires

These tires provide good traction during warm weather. The tires may not be ideal on wet roads. They are used on dry grounds if you study the tire you will see orbital grooves and complex directional patterns; the patterns assist in optimization during hot weather.

Winter Tires

The tires are made with different type of rubber and tread to maximize traction on ice. Narrow tires are best to help you cut through ice. Pick winter tires that are of the same size and are similar to your vehicles model base tire.

All-Season Tires

For all-season tires visit us at Bob Allen in Frankfort, KY. This kind of tires can get used all year round. The tire treads are good for wide range conditions. To learn more about the different tire types, an associate at the dealership can assist you!

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