Importance of Tire Tread

Let’s face it, purchasing a new set of tires is an expensive proposition, and many drivers will be inclined to hold on to their existing tires for as long as possible, before purchasing new ones. However, driving on worn or bald tires is not only illegal, but it could also result in devastating consequences for you, and other motorists.

What Constitutes a Bald Tire?

Many people assume that tires that have no visible tread are considered bald, and this is not necessarily true. Most states and Canadian provinces consider tires that have a dread depth of less than 2/32 of an inch to be “legally bald,” and could result in a traffic citation being issued to the driver of the vehicle.

Legalities aside, tires that have a good amount of tread on them naturally perform better, especially on wet roads. They can help you avoid hydroplaning, by allowing water to easily channel out of the grooves in the tread, which means your wheels remain in contact with the ground.

If you’re concerned about the state of your current tires, we at Bob Allen would encourage you to visit our service department to have them properly inspected.
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