Oops! Don't Ignore Trauma to Avoid Tire Blowouts

Tire blowouts are rarely caused by things like flaws in manufacturing. Instead, they are usually caused by blunt force trauma. That might sound strange, but tires are designed to have long lives if they operate on appropriate surfaces.

Every driver in Frankfort has probably been faced with rushed driving. It only takes cutting one corner to literally hit a curb, a parking pylon, or a large piece of road debris. It’s even more common to slam into a very deep and sharp pothole at a high rate of speed. Slamming into and rubbing objects, combined with speed, is a trauma to tires that can setup a future blowout.

Be honest with yourself! Any time you know that your tires have taken a beating on the road, make a quick stop afterward at the tire shop. The experts at Bob Allen have plenty of experience identifying damage to older and newer tires. A professional check could help avoid a very inconvenient blowout later. Schedule your appointment today.

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