Fixing Worn Out Headlights Can Be Easier Than You Think

Fading headlights is a very common condition. Between your bulbs and housings, there are multiple reasons why you would find your headlights begin to dim. This means that there are multiple ways to fix the condition.

The most common reason that you would see your headlights begin to dim is when the lenses on the plastic housings get fogged over from age and sun damage. This can be cleared up with the use of different polishing compounds that are available for this specific purpose.

Your bulbs will also wear out and dim over time before burning out completely. If your headlight housings are clear then this is the next step. Many drivers now opt to replace their old factory bulbs with new high intensity LED bulbs.

If your car, truck, or SUV needs to have work done on its headlights then bring it into our service center here at Bob Allen in Frankfort, KY.

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