Making the Weight

The oil viscosity rating is important information, Frankfort area drivers understand that they must get regular oil changes, and the right oil to protect their engines. Ratings indicate the right oil. The viscosity reveals the work that the oil can do, and that it will not break down and become ineffective.

The function of oil is to lubricate the engines moving parts and absorb heat generated by friction. Viscosity measures the rate of oil flow when the engine is running. The ratings use a standard temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit or 100 degrees Celsius. The viscosity rating is important to ensure that the oil will flow and not burn or break down. Higher rated oil flows slower than lower weight oil.

At Bob Allen, we offer high-quality motor oil in all of the grades that vehicles require. We provide oil changes at the intervals recommended by manufacturers and by the rate of driver usage. Schedule your appointment today!

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