Are you still searching for a dependable and durable light-duty pick-up truck? Take a look at these durability features of the Ram 1500, you'll certainly give it high marks.

Your truck can only perform when it is made of the strongest steel. The Ram 1500 uses 50,000 psi steel with eight dependable ultra-tough cross members in the design that provide even more support. Now you can easily haul that debris at work or get the boat to the marina effortlessly.

Imagine hauling a huge load down a steep incline and the brakes can't support the added weight. This is a huge concern for many drivers, but not those riding in the Ram 1500 that comes standard with four-wheel disc antilock brakes.

Come stop by Bob Allen and our crew will get you the keys to a new Ram 1500 so you can take it on the highway for a test drive.

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