Getting an oil change is one of the most important services that you can get for your vehicle. Our team at Bob Allen wants to show you what problems could arise if you ignore this essential routine maintenance appointment.

An oil change is what keeps your engine running exactly how you want it to, providing you the best performance and efficiency for a long time.


Top Reasons to Never Skip Your Oil Change

Our service experts in Frankfort are here to help you see what damage you can cause if you ignore an oil change. This is a simple service that doesn’t take long for our team to perform, which is why we encourage you to visit us soon to get an appointment.

The main reasons not to skip an oil change include:

  • Reduced Engine Lubrication

    Oil keeps your engine lubricated, reducing friction for the moving parts like pistons and valves. Reducing friction keeps the engine from wearing down your engine.

  • Prone to Overheating

    Proper lubrication from engine oil will help cool all the engine components, which keeps your vehicle from overheating.

  • Ineffective Cleaning

    Oil is designed to help reduce dirt particles from the engine to help reduce corrosion. If you skip oil changes, your oil will break down and turn into sludge, which doesn’t effectively clean your engine.

  • Worse Performance and Efficiency

    Keeping your oil clean will improve your fuel efficiency and keeps your vehicle performing the way that you want it to for driving around Lexington.

  • Suffer from a Shorter Lifespan

    Keeping your vehicle in the best condition will mean your engine will last for a longer time than an engine that is neglected. Most of the previous results of skipping an oil change contribute to wearing down your engine more quickly but getting regular oil changes will help ensure you get to enjoy driving your car, truck, or SUV through Nicholasville for years to come.


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